Leo Trio or Triplet M65, M66, NGC3628; Leo 
Astro-Physics 305mm f/3.8 Riccardi-Honders astrograph 
KAF-16803; FLI Proline 
Total Exposure Time: 3.9+ hours; LRGB 160:25:25:25 RGB binned 2x2 
May 2012; Inkom, ID 
Comments: This image shows the famous trio or "triplet" of galaxies in the spring (northern hemisphere) constellation of Leo. Of note is the tidal star stream near NGC3628. This is generally considered to be difficult to image particularly with any detail. If you are having trouble seeing it on your monitor, try shifting your head to the right side of your monitor then look back at the image. This little "trick" can help bring out subtle image details on your monitor, depending of which type your have. You may also need to calibrate your monitor's settings. The background data of this image has been stretched so to better show the tidal stream. 
Cutting-edge work on tidal star streams may be seen at Cosmotography.com.  
Also of note is the tidal interaction between the galaxies that has distorted the galactic disk of M66. This appears as a warped galactic disk. 
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