M8 Lagoon Nebula; Sagittarius 
Astro-Physics 155EDF f/7 refractor 
H-alpha 6nm 120 min. 
July 13, 2005; Inkom, ID 
Comments: This image shows the depth that a moderate aperture refractor can reach with CCD technology. Intricate swirls of ionized hydrogen gas dance among new stars and dark globules of denser gas. These Bok globules, as they are called, are the globules of stellar creation. M8 is very obvious to the unaided eye, even in less than dark skies. It is an impressive object to view either through a telescope or binoculars, with its dark lanes being readily apparent. Its distance is 5,200 light years away. The color data of an image sometimes masks the finer details hidden within, therefore frequently you can get a better "resolved" appearance to the image if only the luminance data is shown.  
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