Goals and Credits 
            All of the images presented on this website were taken by myself using the equipment described in the individual frames.   Each image consists of frames taken using an astronomical CCD camera such as an SBIG STL or FLI Proline (seen above) through either clear, hydrogen-alpha, red, green, or blue filters.  These frames are then calibrated to remove dark current (noise) and frame curvature (caused by the telescope's optics).  The frame groups are then aligned and combined digitally, and then finally combined into a final image (RGB or LRGB).  The main programs which I use are CCDWare CCDStack, Cyanogen Maxim DL, and Adobe Photoshop. 
             The goal of this site is to provide education and inspiration of the heavens.  The un-lightpolluted sky is a treasure, and unfortunately is being lost by the encroachment of poorly designed and/or irresponsibly used outdoor lighting.  Properly designed and shielded outdoor lighting would not only preserve the darkness of the night sky, but also save money and reduce electricity generation (which reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas formation) and still provide adequate, safe lighting for all.  For further information please see the International Dark Sky Association. 
               Resources used are The Messier Objects and The Caldwell Objects by Stephen James O'Meara.  
                These images may be used for personal use.  Permission from myself is required, however, for publication and/or sale. 
Thomas V. Davis