M33 Triangulum Galaxy, NGC 604; Triangulum 
Astro Systeme Austria N12 f/3.5 astrograph 
Total Exposure 17+ hours;LRGB 680:120:120:120 minutes; unbinned. 
September 2008; Inkom, ID 
Comments: This is image of the famous spiral galaxy in the constellation Triangulum. It was taken with a wider field of view thus showing the more peripheral portions or halo of this spiral galaxy. This image shows the star forming regions in M33 as pink areas. These are emission nebulae within M33; it amazes me that an amateur telescope can show these at a distance of 2.3 million light years! NGC 604 is the largest of these regions. The blue areas are newly formed star regions. For more information regarding M33 see here. Another image of M33 may be seen here
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