Copyright Information 
All of the images contained on this website are copyrighted by myself, but may be copied for personal use. This includes: personal computer wallpaper or hyperlinked on your website. If you intend to display, print, or otherwise use one of my images then I need to hear from you via e-mail at . You will need to type my address; I know it is a pain but it cuts spam, sorry. If you are a non-profit organization or your use of the image(s) is for a non-fee based presentation, there will likely not be a use fee; I usually only ask for credit by displaying a byline and copyright for each image used, such as,(c) 2014 Thomas V. Davis,
Please e-mail me a link to where the photo will be used. This is for personal interest. Permission to use the image is restricted to what I specifically grant permission for; I retain copyright on all of the images. 
Thomas V. Davis