M42 Great Orion Nebula, NGC1977, NGC1980-1, vdB42, vdB44; Orion 
Astro-Physics 155 EDF (155TCC) f/5.4 refractor 
KAF-16803 FLI Proline 
Total Exposure Time: 8 hours; LRGB 190:100:70:120 minutes unbinned 
December 2009-January 2010; RDO, Moorook, AU 
Comments: This great star forming region of the Milky Way Galaxy is readily visible with the unaided eye if the night sky is reasonably dark. It appears as the middle fuzzy "star" in Orion's sword (which "hangs" from his belt). Unlike most deep sky objects, the Great Orion Nebula is very impressive when seen through a small or modest aperture telescope. It is also visible through binoculars. Numerous other objects are within this image; they are too numerous to list here! 
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