NGC6822, Barnard's Galaxy; Sagittarius 
Astro Physics 155 EDF f/7 -- Ha and Clear data 
ITE 250mm f/4 Mak Newt astrograph -- RGB data 
(ClrHa)(HaR)GB  (180,180)(50,100)100:100 min. 
Astrodon filters 
July 2005 (Ha, clear)  June 29, 2006 (RGB), Inkom, ID 
Comments:  This galaxy has a very low surface brightness and is a challenge to capture any detail in a small to moderate aperture telescope.  However, as seen in the image there appears to be a prominent "bar" running across the central portion.  Also seen are many HII regions, one of which has an circular shape with central stars -- it has been nicknamed the Bubble Nebula in NGC6822.  At the lower right side of the galaxy is an area made up of blue stars.  It has been postulated that this may be an early formation of a spiral arm. 
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