Sharpless 2-155 Cave Nebula, vdB 155, LDN 1216, GGD 37, GN 22.55.2; Cepheus 
Astro Systeme Austria N12 f/3.5 astrograph (Lum, Ha) 
Takahashi FSQ-106 f/5 astrograph (RGB) 
KAI-11000; SBIG STL (Lum), FLI Microline (RGB) 
Total Exposure Time: 9.6+ hours; LHaRGB 150:250:60:60:60 minutes; unbinned 
June 2008; Inkom, ID 
Comments: Sh2-155 is the HII region just right of center, while vdB 155 is the reflection nebula slight below and to the left of center.This area contains significant dust clouds which contribute to these star forming regions. Other information (Gendler) may be found here.