NGC6726-7(Rneb), IC4812(Rneb), HMSTG1099(Dneb); Corona Australis. NGC6723(gc); Sagittarius 
Astro-Physics 155EDF f/5.3 (155TCC) 
KAF-16803; FLI Proline 
Total Exposure Time: 4.5 hours, LRGB 105:55:50:65 minutes; unbinned 
July 4, 2008; Gleason/Davis Observatory, MRO, Victoria, Australia 
Comments: This beautiful reflection nebula is a common target of interest in the southern sky. Extensive clouds of dust in the region give way to two beautiful reflection nebulae that appear like eyes at the head of the dark nebula. Also seen is the compact globular cluster NGC6723. This appears to lie adjacent to the dust clouds, but in reality it is more than 30,000 light years away. This is much farther distant than the dust clouds. This is first light for me at MRO, Australia. It was taken remotely; controlled over the internet.