LBN 468, LDN 1148, 1155, 1158, Herbig-Haro 215 (PV Cephei), RNO 124; Cepheus 
Astro Systeme Austria N12 f/3.5 astrograph 
Total Exposure Time: 6.6 hours; LRGB 100:100:100:100 minutes, unbinned 
October 2008; Inkom, ID 
Comments: Reflection and dark nebulae in Cepheus cataloged by Beverly T. Lynds Catalogue of Bright Nebulae 1965 and Catalog of Dark Nebulae 1962. Herbig-Haro 215 is also called Gyulbudaghian's Nebula.This little-known variable reflection nebula is similar to Hubble's variable nebula. This nebula changes brightness and shape over many months or years. Armen Gyulbudaghian is a Russian astronomer at Byurakan Observatory. He discovered this nebula in 1977, apparently during a survey for new Herbig-Haro objects.The object as a whole is known as HH 215; the reflection nebula is officially cataloged as GM 1-29 (Magakyan -- the "M" -- was co-author on the discovery paper). At the heart of the Herbig-Haro object lies the variable Herbig AbBe pre-main sequence star PV Cephei.This is a newly formed star that is surrounded by a rotating disk of material. At right angles to this disk are two jets of material, streaming away from the star at high speeds (Ref). HH215 is the small fan shaped reflection nebula near the tip of the brown dusty cloud in the lower third of this image. A closer view may be seen in Adam Block's excellent image seen here. PV Cephei is the star at HH215's apex. 
A wider field of view may be seen here