vdB 31, B26-28; Auriga 
Astro Systeme Austria N12 f/3.5 astrograph 
KAI-11000M;  SBIG STL 
Total Exposure Time: 9.5 hours;  LRGB 330:80:80:80 minutes; unbinned 
November 2008;  Inkom, ID 
Comments: This beautiful blue reflection nebula is number 31 in Sidney van den Bergh's Catalog of Reflection Nebulae, 1966. The adjacent dark nebulae are numbers 26-28 (B27 is just below vdB 31, with B26 below B27 and B28 to the upper right) in Edward E.  Barnard's Catalogue of 349 Dark Objects in the Sky, 1927. The other dust clouds may not be cataloged.