IC 4605, B 44; Ophiuchus 
Astro-Physics 155 EDF (155TCC) f/5.4 refractor 
KAF-16803; FLI Proline 
Total Exposure Time: 7 Hours; LRGB 210:80:50:80 minutes, unbinned 
May 2009; RDO, Moorook, AU 
Comments: This colorful region of the southern constellation Ophiucus has many beautiful emission, reflection and dark nebulae. In this image I show the blue reflection nebula IC 4605 adjacent to a small portion of the large yellow reflection nebula IC 4606. The small linear reflection nebula near TYC 6799-309-1 / V2394 Oph has been documented by the POSS2 blue plates, but I can't seem to find a catalog number in my references. Aladin however, shows a reflection nebula cataloged as DG (Dorschner+Gurtler) 143 next to this star . It is also cataloged as [SS62] (Struve-Straka, 63) 58. Maybe this is its catalog number. So much dust is in this region that getting a true black background is nearly impossible! My goal for this image was to show the detail of the dark nebulae and dusty regions.