Van den Bergh 123, LBN 98, [HBR97]SNN Serpens Cloud; Serpens 
Astro Systeme Austria N12 f/3.5 astrograph (Lum) 
Tele Vue 127is f/5.2 refractor (color data) 
Total Exposure Time: 9.8+ hours; L-OSC 320:270 minutes, unbinned 
July 2009; Inkom, ID 
Comments: This region of Serpens contains what is referred to as the Serpens Cloud. It has been cataloged in Herbst, Beckwith, Robberto, 1997 Astrophys. J. This super cloud of dust contains many reflection nebulae, one of which is vdB 123. This is the blue reflection nebula just "above" the center of this image. This super dust cloud overlies the rich star field of the Serpens Milky Way and appears as a pale blue mist with defined borders. To see in part the extent of the cloud refer to the color data. Also noted are numerous HH objects in this region of the cloud.