M53; Coma Berenices 
Astro-Physics 160 EDF (160TCC) f/5.8 refractor 
Total Exposure Time: 1.5 hours RGB 30:30:30 minutes 
January 2010; NMS, NM 
Comment: This is a very short exposure image obtained during a moonlit night. There is a bit a noise but it still gives you an idea of what this globular cluster looks like. Discovered 1775 by Johann Elert Bode. Globular star cluster Messier 53 (M53, NGC 5024) is one of the more outlying globulars, being about 60,000 light years away from the Galactic center, and almost the same distance (about 58,000 light years) from out Solar system. At this distance, its apparent angular diameter of 13' corresponds to a linear diameter of roughly 220 light years (SEDS)