IC 2220 Toby Jug Nebula, GN 07.55.9, AGN 07.54.2; Carina 
Astro-Physics 155 EDF (155TCC) f/5.4 refractor 
KAF-16803 FLI Proline 
Total Exposure Time: 8+ hours, LRGB 140:120:100:140 minutes unbinned 
April-May 2010; RDO, Moorook, AU 
Comments: The bright yellow reflection nebula right of center has been called the Toby Jug Nebula. This image shows the expansive cloud of interstellar dust from which it is created. 
In examining the nebula IC 2220 (see image below), Astronomers Paul Murdin, David Allen and astrophotographer David Malin coined the name "Toby Jug Nebula" for the object because of its shape as tankard of a type called Toby Jug. Another name given to this object is the Butterfly Nebula, owing to the similarity in appearance as a butterfly in flight (ref)
IC 2220, Toby Jug Nebula, DSS photo taken March 21,1977,UK 48 Schmidt reflector, 60 min exposure.