vdB 136, GN 20.36.5 (RNeb), LDN 906, Diamond Ring Cluster (IR OC), [KC97c] G081.5+00.6 (HII), TGU H491 P10 (DNeb); Cygnus 
Astro Systeme Austria N12 f/3.5 astrograph 
Tele Vue 127is f/5.2 refractor 
KAI-11000M/CM SBIG STL; M (Lum), CM (RGB) 
Total Exposure Time: 5.6 hours; L:OSC 110:225 minuites 
August 2010; Inkom, ID 
Comments: vdB 136 is the yellow reflection nebula in the center of the image. Numerous emission nebulae are present in this area of the constellation Cygnus. Also present, but much less seen, are thin vales of dust which when imaged give a bluish tint to the sky background. Processing the data to bring out the faint dust does reduce the overall contrast of the image, but I feel that it is worth it to see this etheral dust. Areas where there is much less dust or more opaque dust appear black. Color data image may be seen here. The Diamond Ring Cluster is a star cluster in the image, but it can only be seen in infared.