vdB114, 116, 117, 120, 121; Sagittarius 
Takahashi FSQ-106 f/5 refractor 
Total Exposure Time: 2 hours 
June 2012; Inkom, ID 
Comments: This skyscape shows a region of Sagittarius that has these 5, small van den Bergh objects. They are noted with small arrows and run consecutively left to right. Because they are small, and without much interesting form, I did not shoot higher resolution images of them; the exception is vdB120. Cropped and 200% enlarged images of vdB114, 116, 117 and 121 are included below. M17, the Swan Nebula, is seen in the lower right corner of the main image. 
vdB 114: size 1.2 arcmin, faint, blue, moderate absorption, star BD -18 4800 
vdB116: size 0.6 arcmin, faint, blue moderate absorption, star BD -17 5049 
vdB117: size 2.2 arcmin, moderate brightness, blue, moderate absorption, star BD -17 5080 
vdB121: size 0.6, faint, blue moderate absorption, BD -17 5141