Serpens Mosaic 
Takahashi FSQ-106 f/5 refractor 
Total Exposure Time: 8 hours 4 panels of 2 hours each 
June 2012; Inkom, ID 
Comments: This region has fastinated me since I first imaged it in 2009. When I imaged Sh2-64 I immediately noticed a smoky or grey dust layer overlying the region . This layer had form and texture so I knew it was not a aberration of data processing and I figured it is a portion of the dark clouds cataloged as TGU (Tokyo Gakugei University) H279 P10,15,27 that I had defined. I also imaged other portions of the Milky Way in Serpens and also noticed some of this same dust cloud. This image above is a 4 panel mosiac, 2 hours per panel, showing this dust layer in better perspective. More exposure would be useful in reducing noise but alas, no time this month. I may add to this mosaic as time and weather permit. 
This grey dust layer does take away from the overall contrast of the stars in this region, but I left the contrast purposely low so to better demonstrate this dust. 
Some objects in this image are Sh2-64, LBN95, LBN96, LBN98, LDN588, vdB123, dark clouds TGU H279 P10, TGU H279 P15, and TGU H279 P27, and Sh2-69 way down in the lower right corner.